Dragonborn battlemind.


Weapons: Warhammer, and his mind.
AC- 19, FOR- 15, REF- 12, WILL- 17



An ancestor of mine, through my maternal bloodline, was involved in a battle, the events of it largely unknown. But as his family lay dying around him, he cried out to whatever deity would listen, begging for a chance at revenge. A deity answered… an evil one. It healed the dying and crushed his enemies.
Ever since that day, my family has owed a dreadful debt to that deity. I suspect that it will come to collect our ancestor’s promise.
My ancestor supposedly trained in psionic combat. That nature of combat is uncommon for a Dragonborn, but is believed to be the source of my psionic abilities.

Early life:

I am from a Minor Clan which broke off of Clan Kengi. There were very few of us, but we held to Clan Kengi’s code. Kirtur is my brother.
I hatched in a rare manner for most Dragonborn- I let out a psionic blast that fractured the egg shell from within. I kicked at it until I fell out of the shell, landing prone. When the warriors returned with a trophy to bless me, I lunged forward, spearing the head with my nose horn. My birth-name became Crimsorn (crimson horn).
One day as I was out meditating, training in my psionic powers, I sensed much rage in my mind. It was my brother Kirtur. I returned to the village and found all of our clan members had been slaughtered. Kirtur was wandering through our village, inspecting the dead. My brother and I could not tell who it was, but we believed it to be the act of one person. Nothing was stolen, and we could not determine the motive. But we pledged to seek revenge for the lack of honor in the killing.
There is a ritual long held within Dragonborn clans. Between a youngling’s 12th and 15th birthday, they are to receive their a new name, to establish their ascension into adulthood. But we were robbed of that right. Neither of us was given our adult-name. We have continued on with our birth names; which means we are still viewed as children by many of the Dragonborn. This has brought us scorn from those who have heard of our misfortune, and the fate of our clan. At least until they fall to us in battle.
“To be defeated by a child is more shameful than living as a child.” Kirtur
For a few years following the slaughter of our clan, we fought in a fighting arena in a distant land. We were the only Dragonborn to have been there, and the Master of the Arena was ecstatic by our presence. The attendance went up, and so did his profits. But one rule at the arena was that all combatants had to be adults according to their culture’s standards. We did convince him we were young adults, for some time. But eventually an adult Dragonborn passed through, and blew the whistle. From there we journeyed to the Lighthouse Orphanage.
We met Willem… a funny little boy wizard. But he never misses with his arcane magic. He’s also shrewd, so we decided he was worthy to share a room with us.

5 Year History:

The events of Avandra’s temple settled heavily upon me. It was my first real moment in combat, and I failed so often. I stumbled like a clumsy oaf, falling prone. I couldn’t use my psionic powers effectively. Even my natural dragon breath power sputtered like a campfire hit by a gale.
So I humbled himself, realizing I was in need of training. I journeyed to Krivikage Warrior School with my brother Kirtur. To my dismay, the school was entirely focused on martial skill. Psionic was not taught there. But the Scarred Master Balascann advised me to seek Torenth the Black.
Torenth the Black is a vagabond, but a master of his art. His martial combat style is unusual for a Dragonborn. Even though I doubted he would be able to train me in psionic combat, I hoped he would at least be able to guide me to one who could. My hope proved true! After journeying for a couple weeks, I found Dolev the Reflector.
Dolev is a powerful psion, and for the past few years has been my mentor. His influence in his home community is substantial. Long ago, the corruption of the judicial system there resulted in many to seek his counsel. In present days, it’s not uncommon for people to settle financial disputes with him as a mediator.
Below his keep there is a copper mine, from which his modest wealth has come from. Local criminals can request to have their sentence carried out by working in the mine. It is a very desirable place to be. Prisoners are taken care of; food, lodging, and health services are provided for. But since the pay is substantial for working in the mines as an employee, many prisoners choose to remain once their sentence is served.
Dolev was stunned to meet me- a Dragonborn with psionic powers. I’ve been a bit of an experiment to him under the years I’ve trained with him. He pushes me to be better each day with my psionic capabilities. I’ve also become a shrewd
When I’m not training, I’m working. I’m the Prison Steward, second in command only to the Warden. But since my food and lodging are provided for, and I have no wife or children, I have sent my money to my brother Kirtur.
We have not seen each other since the events of Avandra’s temple. But we have kept in contact. I know he has continued his training, and has become a respected Bounty Hunter. He has used our combined funds to purchase a small keep. From what I’ve heard, it is an old watchtower, in need of some repair. Very soon I would like to journey to it and see him.


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