Race: Gnome
Class: Rogue

Weapons: Dagger and shuriken
Defenses: AC- 18, FOR- 16, REF- 18, WILL- 14
Skills: Stealth and Thievery
Custom Power:
C-70 Adventure * Standard Action:
Requirements: Must be carrying one C-70.
Keywords: Force
Adjacent 1 (placing the C-70 adjacent to you)
Target: Each creature in the burst.
Close burst 10 (from the C-70)
Attack 1: 6 + Int. modifier (4) vs. AC
Hit: 1d20 + Int. modifier damage (4).
Attack 2: 6 + half your Int. modifier (2) vs. For
Hit: Each creature in the burst gets knocked back 1d10 plus half your Int. modifier (2).
Effect: C-70 detonates at the end of his turn.
Special: Attack rolls against creatures adjacent to the C-70 are treated as a natural 20.
Custom Feat: It’s Gonna Blow!: Drok can add his Dexterity modifier (4) to a horizontal jump athletics check, but must land prone if he does so.



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