Bane of Doors


After the events at Avandra’s Temple, Kirtur bids his companions farewell. He encourages them not to remain strangers, and to send word if ever they find themselves in time of need, be it great or small. After all, Kirtur remembers his friends, most especially those who have proven themselves by his side in combat. When asked where he will be going, he merely shrugs and replies wherever the fighting is the hottest. If you need to send word, I will be studying at Krivikage Warrior School under Master Balascann, also known as The Scarred Master, in the Ul Dominor Mountains.

Kirtur was able to enter Krivikage on a glowing recommendation and ties from Davin, and began settling down to learning the fine art of swordsmanship. After a few months, however, it became apparent that he had no aptitude with a blade, and as he struggled to become a better swordsman, falling into shame and depression because of his shortcomings, he was visited one night by The Scarred Master himself.

He told Kirtur not to despair, that not every student who wills it can be naturally inclined to the blade. He told Kirtur that he knew who he was, and who his clan had been, Minor though they were. One of Kirtur’s ancestors had been a distinguished duelist, and a respected master of his weapon. He had heard rumors of Kirtur from when he was just a hatchling, how his peers had always been envious of his martial prowess, and constantly tried to test themselves against him. The art of combat had always come naturally to Kirtur’s family, and Kirtur himself, the most talented of his generation, would have carried the family’s heirloom weapon, were it not for the untimely destruction of the clan. Composed of mithril and black iron and folded hundreds of times until the individual layers of metal shone like moonlit water. The blade was forged by Yenthalas, the famed eladrin weapon smith, as a gift to the dragon born. He explained all of this to Kirtur as they walked to The Scarred Master’s quarters, high in the top of one of the school’s many towers. When they arrived, The Master took a beautiful Trikal down from a wall of weapons, it’s blade was black as midnight, and the weapon seemed to have a life of its own. He explained that he had been true friends with Kirtur’s grandfather, who had borne the heirloom weapon last, and not having a descendant worthy of bearing it after him, Kirtur’s grandfather entrusted the weapon to The Master, who gave it to Kirtur with a blessing and a command to learn it’s mastery like none other.

He directed Kirtur to the bounty-hunting band known simply as The Collectors. Their leader was a renowned expert with Trikals, Spears, Halberds and numerous other polearm devices. In order to train with him closely, Kirtur spent the next few years running with the unsavory band, collecting bounties on criminals and outlaws, but it was a small price to pay to learn to wield his ancestral heirloom weapon, and regain the honor of his broken clan. Besides, the pay was good. During this time there were countless challengers who sought to take Kirtur’s famed weapon from him, but none could stand against him in single combat, and he began building a reputation as a great duelist. He would turn away no one who wished to test themselves against him, and let each defeated opponent know the name of his fallen clan to bring honor to his fallen members. After seeing his prowess with his blade, and recognizing his thirst for battle, Kirtur’s mentor began offering a choice to the bounties they caught that were wanted dead or alive. They could be brought back to face justice, or they could face Kirtur in single combat. One look at the towering scarred dragon born usually unnerved most, but on very rare occasions the challenge would be accepted. After several years, the band had changed members more time than Kirtur could remember, and he himself had risen to second in command. Only the Collectors’ leader, Eleazar, stood above him. After several years, Kirtur had learned all he could from Eleazar, and it came time for him to leave the band. He left on good terms with Eleazar, and traveled to the small keep himself and Crimsorn, his brother, had saved for over the years. It is here he continues his training with the legendary heirloom trikal, awaiting something worthy of turning his attentions to.


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