Orick Bellow


Race: Human
Class: Warlord

Weapons: Sword and Shield
Defenses: AC-18, FOR-18, REF-14, WILL-16
Skills: History and Athletics
Custom Power:
Commander’s Grit
Daily * Immediate Reaction
Trigger: You are reduced to 0 or fewer hit points.
Effect: You stand up with 1 hit point left, and grant an ally within 5 squares a free standard action.
Customer Feat:
Chance Respite- When Orick grants an ally a free attack he may spend a healing surge


Basic Info
Hometown: Procampur
Age: 64
Family: Widower with children and grand children. His wife was believed to be a dozen years older than he was, dying when he was in his late fifties.
Chivalrous: When fighting an opponent he deems honorable, he will not hit them while they are prone or immobilized. When fighting an opponent he deems is dishonorable, he hits them every opportunity he has.
Prudent Spectator: Won’t help defend cowards, or people who are choosing not to defend themselves.
Seasoned Commander: Will always use his military history first to help win a fight.
Orick Bellow is a wise, military tactician. A career soldier who lives to lead soldiers into battle, he wants to command until his dying breath. He’s a genius at understanding the battlefield, and using his extensive military history at guiding his companions to victory.
Procampur is a coastal city, so most threats the city face are from pirates. Being a soldier in Procampur was never an easy one. The navy of Procampur received most of the respect for defending the city. Orick sometimes resented it. But not out of pride, as he was a respected commander in Procampur’s army. His gripe was with the lack of support his soldiers received from the city.
In recent years the warlord Myrkyssa Jelan began to grow in strength, as did the range of her forces in the Earthfast Mountains. Thusly, the governments of Procampur, Ravens Bluff, and Tantras convened. They created the Earthfast Pact, beginning the expansion of Dragonkin Keep.
Orick saw an opportunity to have a relevant position as Captain of the Guard at Dragonkin Keep. Using his military connections, he easily won his bid for the position. His fascination with dragons turned out to be helpful as well, as the keep itself is owned by two Dragonborn brothers.

Orick Bellow

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