Played by Daniel

Born Eleint/The Fading (9th month) 1579

Quick description ✦
Master of the arcane and the party’s only hope for logical decision making… this is how Sairis views herself. A Changeling Witch apparent (though she never says so outright… about either fact), Sairis is slow to trust, slower to give complements, and even slower to admit she was wrong without lengthy justification. Luckily, or unluckily, Jendra’s (affectionately called the Sand Lady) interest in Crimsorn and Kirtur along with Crimsorn’s psionic abilities has caused curiosity to get the better of Sairis, and her master, resulting in her tagging along. A good heart shrouded in mistrust of the world and extreme dislike for stupidity, Sairis is a person in progress. Whether that is progress towards greatness or liquefying Turin’s brain matter is yet to be seen

Greatest strength ✦ A cautious nature who refuses to act based on an emotional need for action. Sairis is about plans and making plans and when she makes plans they are good plans. At least to her.

Biggest weakness ✦ Sairis’ inability to trust others in concert with her seemingly compulsive need to “know”

Distinguishing feature ✦ It varies depending on her current form (though she tends to stick to a human approximation of her changeling form in most circumstances) but her stark white eyes are what tend to stick out most. When she is using her abilities, her eyes glow faintly like a dim moonbeam.

Why an adventurer? ✦ Sairis’ parents were killed defending justice, each other, and her life. Sairis desire’s nothing more than to redeem what was lost via her accomplishments. She has seen no other road that would get her their with greatest speed and greatest chance for success. However, her desire for this redemption may have blinded her to other options

Closest family/friends ✦ Sairis’ parents are dead and she forged no long lasting bonds with the owners of the orphanage. With the Scarlet Templars, a cult of Asmodeus, out to kill for her for running, she has only one person she really turns to. Kishiir-Narr of Airspur. He was the first person to see through her changeling disguise and the first person to offer trust with no need for proof of good conscience. While she would never admit this, he is the closest thing she has to a father in the world; while also being the closest thing to a natural disaster embodied she knows of due to his various… experiments.

She gets along well with Crimsorn who usually shows care and thought in his actions. She has trouble with Turin in his lackadaisical lifestyle, and Kirtur’s recent… dealings has her absolutely terrified of what might happen next. Gracethana is pleasant but there is something… strange about her.

Greatest loyalty ✦ Sairis’ heart is split into three areas. Self preservation, learning more about the world, and helping those who are victims to tragedy and despair. Despire her somewhat serious and cold demeanor, Sairis feels deeply for those who have experienced tragedy and greatly desires to do whatever is needed to redirect their path.

The future ✦ Sairis hopes to continue learning, eventually destroy the Scarlet Templars, and one day find others who depend on her for her to take care of.

Travel ✦ Being a lover of knowledge and all things magical, Sairis desires to see High Imaskar and Deep Imaskar. Their knowledge of magic and use of it is truly astounding.

Skills ✦
Sairis’ desire for knowledge of the arcane tempered by her somewhat cautious nature allows for the deepest understanding possible of the world without endangering anyone… important.

Just as much, Sairis is exceedingly good at reading people and finding the intent laced in the words of the speaker.

Like many changelings, Sairis is good at deception. Sairis does not use this for her own gain, however, as she views unneeded falsehood as a danger to her continued existence. Lying is a last resort used to ensure her own survival whether it be by imitating the accent and mannerisms of an eladrin, or convincing the guard that the drunk gnome with her is actually a hero of great strength. Albeit, the second might be a lie only her own mind.

To the average onlooker, Sairis is also quite skilled at negotiating and stopping conflicts. In reality, she unwittingly unleashes a witchish charm in her words that causes others to be more amenable to Sairis’ goals. Sairis does not yet realize this is happening.

Free time ✦ Sairis is a creature of learning and is constantly experimenting with the world whether it be attempting to learn and master a new ritual, creating new alchemical concoctions, or modifying magical items to more properly fit her desires.

Beyond that, few things relax Sairis more than a hot bath and a small glass of wine. The noted lack of such luxuries may be a contributing factor to her apparent tenseness.

Magical desires ✦ Being a constant subject of scrying has caused Sairis to desire more knowledge regarding the subject. More than anything else, Sairis is hoping one day to acquire a crystal ball that will allow her to see threats before they become a problem

Hanging out ✦

Sairis likes a relaxing conversation around the fire with a blanket nearby and the moon shining in the sky. She chooses her companions based on their current demeanor. If they are found fitting to her mood, they are chosen as companions for a night of ease.

On another note, Sairis’ past experiences has left her to be unusually defensive against anyone who might make “romantic” advances against her. Whether this is due to an actual distaste for this interaction or her inability to cope with the situation is unknown.

Legacy ✦

Sairis wants to leave the world in a place of happiness compared to how she left it. Whatever sort of pain she felt growing up is a pain she wants no one else to feel. Whether it be through providing a place of safety for others or teaching others to power through their own struggles is yet to be seen. In this one area, she does not have a plan and has little idea of how to make her desires a reality


Background 1: How I arrived at the Orphanage

You want to know how I got here? (laughs) of course you do. Well let’s see. I was ten at the time of my arrival which means I had about the same level of comprehension regarding the world as most of my peers currently do now. I was dropped off by my Dad… I think. Yeah, they switched between each other to throw me off at times (Dad always was weak to this pathetic look I had). Anyway, I digress and I know I need to limit myself to at least what an above average attention span can handle. I never told them that I knew this but my parents worked with the local government and profession guilds as enforcers of the peace. Not that they had to do much (laughs). The moment a rumor went about that changelings were investigating the guilds, the leaders would fall in line like a bunch of golems. The town’s name? As if that was important enough to be remembered (nervous laugh) aherm. Anyway. At one point the various guilds got tired of looking over their shoulder and decided to do some investigating of their own. Well, one night my parents were careless and they were followed. I remember because my parents were giving me a lecture about flashing my eyes red at this one annoying kid when he looked at me. Ironic conversation under the circumstances. So they came in. Knives, poison, crossbows. My Mom or my Dad (What? you try to tell your parents apart when they are changelings. You never know) was shot with a crossbow bolt through the heart. I didn’t get to see much else as parent number two went after them with a vengeance; needless to say, my parents where called enforcers for a reason. The few that didn’t scatter were cut down and ran. We didn’t even check to see if my mom/dad was alive. We just ran and took along several changes of clothes. We would change forms from town to town because we knew we were followed. They are were new to the game and had all the stealth of an avalanche. At least that seemed to be the case as I kept getting shushed all the time. Finally we arrived at the orphanage. Yes THE. This place deserves a title in and of itself. We stayed in that town for a week or so blending in. My parent watched and listened around the orphanage this whole time gathering information. Finally news was gathered about this human kid getting adopted by some wealthy nobles. To make a long story short, we totally tricked them into thinking the nobles had changed their mind but, as recompense, decided to leave the sum required for adoption at the orphanage for the care of those within and especially for the betterment of myself. For those who didn’t connect the dots, we made ourselves look like them. Notice the theme here? Yes? Good. I never heard from my parent again. Though I did hear about quite the bloodbath at several guilds many miles out and how one changeling went an effective suicide mission to take out the ringleader. My parent went down but took the leader and about another score with him (or her. You know what I mean). Anyway, I spent the next several years being bored by the basic schooling available, hiding my identity as a changeling, and convincing the owners that particularly troublesome children would come back to haunt them after they left. In my spare time I would also disguise myself as some magical adept who had the habit of not attending class and thereby learned some basic magic (had to hide that too. You will not believe how superstitious the caretakers can be). That pretty much catches us up to that day. Those dragon kids. heh.

How I came to be a Witch and what makes me different from most: (occurs over 5 years after the prior events)

Finally, after these seven years, I am leaving. I was ready to leave before all this insanity but now… its still somewhat sad but there is nothing left for me here. Taking the money given to me by Sorcha for my training, I went in search for someone or someplace where I could not just learn, but be inspired. I traveled from town to town investigating schools and academies but I was hardly impressed. I spent six months traveling and hoping to find something… anything that show some promise but it was not to be. Eventually, my search became… a little more erratic and I would often wander off the fastest path to my next stop. One night while I was camping out in the form of a human woman, I noticed something that is decidedly foreign to your average forest. I can’t say whether it was the flash of light and the hypnotic colors, or the crack of arcane energy arcing into the sky that drew my attention initially, though I theorize it was all three, but I instantly became entranced. Months of searching with little success seems to have an odd effect on one’s psyche. In my case, it meant acting on impulses that I would normally deem to be… well stupid. I grabbed my bag and slowly crept towards the source of the arcane disturbance. As I got closer, I noticed it got louder with the sound of many voices. Finally, reaching the edge of the forest, I peered out and saw some sort of gathering that was teeming with people. Slowly I crept out of the woods towards the group wary for any sign of hostilities (well, at least from those who were not obviously intoxicated. I wouldn’t have dared reveal myself if it didn’t look like some sort of party). Oddly enough, no one seemed to react to my presence… at first. They eventually started giving me weird looks to which I did naught but stare back until some drunk stumbled up to me. Assuming he would say something idiotic I prepared for the worst but instead (pause) I heard a longwinded spiel on arcane theory followed by him stumbling away muttering about something else I could not describe. That is not normal for most, whether drunk or sober. I discovered that this was a gathering of arcane specialists who had gathered to trade stories and perhaps learn from one another. Skipping the boring part, I found one group that had very interesting ideas about magic and, after spending time with them, they decided to take me under their wing and teach me what they knew. I spent two years with this group. From this training I learned the art of Augery or being able get an idea of what the future may hold. Ironically, it was this very ability that would cause me to move on to the next phase of my training. After two years of studying, the leadership had decided I was ready for the honor of being inducted into their society through the various rites of membership. In the process I was able to choose an animal to accompany me which, according to them, would be essential to my training though I could not divine why (I chose an owl for those wondering). The night before my initiation I decided to use my skills in augery to try and discover what the rites would involve for me. I posed my question and but instead of the normal response, a name was seared into my thoughts followed by a flood of information beyond anything I had past experienced. To this day I don’t know what had initiated this event but now I knew exactly what was going to happen tomorrow. I had stumbled into a group of witches who were intent on getting me to bind myself to the dark god Asmodeus (who, for the less educated, is basically a really evil being who would destroy, dominate, and control everything). Not wanting to become a servant to the dark god of the cat ladies, I quickly grabbed my belongings (including my owl… What? He’s adorable. At least I think it is a he…) and hastily retreated from the camp without anyone noticing. However, it is problematic to run from a group that is skilled in the art augery as while one answer might be vague, one-hundred of them put together can get quite specific. I spent the next two months running across the landscape and just barely escaping capture several time. If I weren’t a changeling I am certain they would have found and sacrificed me by now. Then, one day, I was in a city with owl perched on my shoulder disguised as an Eldarin when I heard the most terrifying someone of my race in the middle of a large crowd can hear. “You changeling, come here”. I wheeled around terrified but didn’t see who was calling out. I searched the crowd panicked but could not find then source. Then I heard it again and wheeled around once more. At this point those around me started giving me strange looks as, apparently, I was the only hearing this. A moment later, the voice told me as much (darn ghost sound). The voice asked me to come to an odd dilapidated looking tower where I found the oddest bespectacled old man I have ever seen. No I will tell you his name. Why? Because then you will go and talk to him and he is plenty odd without your influence. Anyway, apparently the old man had been experimenting with true sight and, as such, saw right through my disguise. To my surprise, his reaction to meeting a changeling was more akin to fascination than distrust or hostility. After a short monologue describing all the reasons he find my race fascinating he suddenly stopped talking and began staring intently at me. After a couple of very uncomfortable minutes I realized he was actually starring at my owl. Right at it. And my owl had stared back the whole time. Deciding I wanted to move on from this bit of interaction, I asked why he called out to me. Apparently, he is quite the arcane scholar and he noticed some interesting spells attached to me and my pet. He informed that the spells were exceedingly noticeable as they were not yet complete. So he asked me how I might have acquired such tag-a-longs. Considering I was a changeling with who knows what attached now attached to myself, I decided to just tell him everything. Why? I value my life.
He was quiet for a long while afterwards and then he said something I did not expect “the study needs dusting. You do that I will consider taking you on as my apprentice. I will hide you from this group and in exchange you will help me discover more about these witches and other interesting practitioners of magic”. At this point, it was my turn to stare. Not knowing what else to do, I went and dusted his office. I spent the next year and a half or so working for bespectacled man. Between the two of us, we were able to modify the “pact” spell that had been woven between me and my owl to instead act as an apprentice’s contract of sorts. Like witches can with their patron, my owl can be used to communicate with my adopted mentor. Also, he decided to name my owl. Not sure what telefowl is supposed to mean but he seems to think it is quite clever and uproariously every time I call for. To make matter worse, it now won’t respond to anything else. I learned much during my time there, especially in regards to null magic fields and sand elementals but eventually I had to depart so I could fulfill my end of the deal. I would keep him updated on any skills I acquired during my journeys while also passing along information about other arcane disciplines as I encountered them. He was particularly interested with the lady of sand; perhaps more than I was. Unfortunately, I mentioned the lady’s fascination with the two dragonborn so now he tasked me with finding them to see what else I could divine about her.
Now I go to make my mark. I feel, in a way, my family has a debt owed that it was unable to pay. When my parents died… they could not fulfill their destiny to its fullest. My objective is to rectify that. I will be the instrument of my family’s redemption. There shall be a day when my family line shall be looked upon as one to be admired by all. Whether by arcane might, fluent words, or quick thoughts. I promise that this shall happen.
And so here I am. You’re ally endowed with powers ancient and a knowledge of the inner workings of the world. With knowledge I fight. Through knowledge, I learn. And by knowledge shall my actions be decided. Now is the time for some experimentation. Now is the time for a little more information. Time to see what I am capable of.


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