The little kobold that could.


Race: Kobold
Class: Barbarian

Weapon: Two-handed battleaxe (made by the party).
Defenses:AC-18, For- 14, REF- 16, WILL- 18.
Skills: Acrobatics and Athletics
Customer Power:
Glory Thief
Daily * Immediate Reaction
Target: The last known enemy present in the encounter.
Trigger: The target is reduced to 1-10 hp.
Effect: Snaggle may make a charge using a basic melee attack 1W(d10) + Str modifier damage (5) against the target.
Special: If Snaggle kills the target, the player controlling Snaggle MUST shout in proper Snaggle voice: “Is there no else?!”
Customer Feat:
Dragonkin Inspiration: Until end of turn, Snaggle gets +1 to attack rolls against a creature per dragonkin ally that targeted that creature since the end of his last turn. Max bonus is 3.


Basic Info
Hometown: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Dirty fighter. Likely to target prone creatures first.
Dragonkin defender. Likely to defend dragonkin allies before other allies.
Dragon worshiper: Likes those who respect dragons, or are favored by dragons. Dislikes those who detest dragons, or who are despised by dragons.
Three things matter to Snaggle: Getting a kiss from the sand lady, food, and Kirtur.
Characters important to Snaggle, in order of significance:
1- Namenhotep (his God)
2- Kirtur (his tutor and friend)
3- Lyrindel (his mentor and maternal figure)
While Snaggle was content in the chest during the battle at the excavation, he heard the roar of a dragon. He had never before seen one. He climbed out of the chest, and scurried over, hiding in the bushes. He was amazed by the sight of it. But he was also confused. He felt loyalty to the Dragonborn Kirtur, and yet this dracolich was attacking him. If this god hated Kirtur and his friends, then so must he. But then Crimsorn called out to the dracolich, asking to end the fight. Snaggle couldn’t have been happier! He overheard the entire conversation. He decided to swear his life to helping Namenhotep to finding his soul, and healing his body to the glorious state it should be. But it flew off! He chased after it, but lost sight of it. He pressed on in the direction it flew. But night came, and he grew tired. After sleeping in the bushes, he awoke the next day, completely lost. He fell down, sobbing with sadness. That is when Lyrindel found him, and pledged to help him find the Dragonborn brothers, and the gnome, so that he could find Namenhotep.


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