Zanice the Saint (pronounced Zuh-neece)

Not much is really known about the Saint except he goes around helping people, abhors violence, and he is the only known person to ever been sought out by multiple deities and empowered by them.


A red skinned tiefling with small horns pointed backwards at a 30 degree angle wearing a simple grey cloak with the the symbols of the gods somehow engraved into the fabric. There is little that seems unusual about him outside of the seeming inability for the circumstances around him to actually rock him in any profound way. Not unfeeling but merely assured in his mission and work.

The party only worked with the saint for a short time when they joined forces with him to combat Varaas the controller. He helped them first take down an evil red dragon and then locate Varaas.

Zanice has no idea what happened between the party and the devil they found captured by Varaas but he did know a little something about the connection between Jendra and the dragonborn brothers Kirtur Elroar and Crimsorn Elroar. According to letters he found and a last sight ritual results that he shared with Crimsorn, their clan was wiped out by mercenaries hired by Jendra in response to the spurning of her love by Ketros Elroar; their father.

The last sight ritual revealed to Zanice, and eventually Crimson, the state of the camp when under attack from Ketros’ point of view followed by a single phrase: Jendra: “I will be sure to take care of your boys for you”.

Zanice parted ways with Crimsorn on far friendlier terms than their initial meeting though Kirtur didn’t believe the “filthy Tiefling lies”.

Since then, the party has not seen Zanice much to Kirtur’s pleasure, most of the party’s indifference, and Crimsorn somewhat confused skepticism with a mix of shocked belief.


Zanice the Saint (pronounced Zuh-neece)

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