Freeing the Aspect of Avandra

When Davin, the keeper of the lighthouse orphanage, opened a portal to the Elemental Chaos, Kirtur, Crimsorn, and Sairis were called upon by Davin’s second in command, Sorcha, to help close the portal.

Once inside, the group encountered an earthmote embroiled in a fierce battle between demons, angels, and elementals. Inside the ruined temple of Avandra, they encountered a group of marooned goblins pirates led by Drogo. It was here they met an svirfneblin with amnesia, Turin. Drogo told them he had lost many of his crew to someone claiming to be the Storm Prince.

They encountered a lady made of sand, whom Kirtur tried to grab, causing a sharp pain in his head. The Sand Lady seemed to know both Crimsorn and Kirtur, though neither could recall where.

The party learned that the Storm Prince was simply another of the goblins trying to trick himself into more control; he also seemed to be looking for an amulet for the Sand Lady.

They found a cat, who cottoned on to Crimsorn. (see Renenbach)

The party found their way into the main temple of Avandra, where they calmed the angry aspect and were bestowed her “amulet,” a blessing.

They headed back to the portal with the goblins, but were stopped by the Sand Lady, furious at their interruption of her plans. Kirtur showed signs of domination and dealt a heavy blow to Turin.

Finally, they managed to get through the portal before it closed. Sorcha thanked them for their help with letters of recommendation for their future plans.

Freeing the Aspect of Avandra

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